Every wedding season comes with a line of events that the groom, bride and their family enjoy! With every guest on the list and all the decorations set, the party gets started with a bang. Gladly, every bride and groom wish to make their wedding events somewhat different and more thrilling from other weddings. It’s a one in a lifetime season; why not work towards making it simply the best?

Here are the few essential accessories which can put your wedding in the limelight and give everyone a time of their lifetime.

10 accessories and props to spice up your wedding

Lay down the red carpet to welcome your guest

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Do you want your guests to feel special? This is one of the many ways they’ll look up to the wedding for more surprises. Arrange the perfect red carpet entrance and welcome the guest with great enthusiasm. Make sure the groom walks down the same path before he unites with his bride!

Set up a photo booth

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As we all know how much the photo booths, props, and selfies are in fashion; it will be a good idea to set up a corner with the most interesting and classy props along with different photo frames and photo booths with the perfect design. Lighten up your wedding like no one before!

Make it sweet with a three-tier beautiful cake

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More than the bride and groom, the audience wants to have fun at a wedding. Introducing new traditions or bringing the good ones from the West is yet another way to make your wedding ceremony different from the others. Order a beautiful wedding cake for your wedding and do a beginning or an ending cake cutting stunt.

 Vibrant Mehndi plates

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Watch over the Mehndi plates! They must be vibrant, classy, stylish and of course better than the other party. A set of good Mehndi plates puts you forward in the spotlight. When they are placed on the stage or in the center of the dance floor, it becomes yet another place where you have to represents your choice and taste. Make it good and impressive. Among the few things that make the Mehndi event special, fascinating Mehndi plates are the essential ones. The candles and rose petals make the view even more scenic.

Decorate the stage and set the right beat for the dance floor

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A dedicated stage and a lively dance floor are two important things that every wedding needs. Whether it’s your Mehndi day or the Baraat reception; an impressive stage decorated with exquisite flowers, mirrors and other accessories is usually the main thing without which your wedding would seem boring. Pick the right colors and set the right mood with loads of efforts in arranging this necessity!

Have fun with the theme props

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Having a theme for the wedding is just another activity that your uncle’s kids and your friends can enjoy. Whether you keep a dress code or ask your family and friends to follow a theme they like; it’s your choice. Holding the colorful umbrella or making a bombarding entrance with the dhol and dances, anything would spice up your wedding.

Gifts and surprises

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What makes things more interesting than giving away gifts and mini treats to the family members and to the couple of the day. It not only spreads happiness all around but also makes the other person excited. Distributing small chocolate boxes to the kids or gift mini pouches to the girls is an exceptionally good idea.  

 Diye and fireworks

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Just like the people around the world celebrate New Year with fireworks; why not celebrate the beginning of a beautiful journey with some amazing sparklers too? Even the bright, little diyas make the surrounding background amazing. Either make the little girls carry them to the stage or put them on the Mehndi plates; they will look incredibly mind-blowing.

Sangeet and music

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Another accessory that you need to add to your wedding is the presence of different musical instruments. From piano to guitar and sitar to tambourine, bring them all and let your guest play their favorite instrument. Prepare dances and entertain your guests fully! The dhol and the background music play a vital role in lightening up the mood of the event.

Baskets and trays of desi sweets, fruits, and foodstuff

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Bringing baskets and packages of dry fruits, fresh fruit and sweets are more of a traditional practice that must be included in your list of accessories that must be present for your wedding. This tradition is usually followed by the groom’s side. The entrance of the groom and his family with the loaded basket make things attractive.

The time when invitation cards are printed and their distribution starts is the right time to take care of other things required for a wedding. Just scroll through the 10 necessary accessories mentioned in the article and bring them back to your wedding location.


Do bring them as you surely wouldn’t want to miss any fun, right?


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