As December approaches, Pakistanis gear up for ‘shaadi season’. Fancy invitation cards start flooding in, streaks of little yellow lights are let down from the roof of the house, and there’s excitement in the air as girls doll up for pre-wedding events, such as dholkis and bridal showers.

Thankfully for us, the preparations of a desi wedding are just as enigmatically vibrant as the wedding itself. Although it’s no news but if a wedding is about to take place within your home or among close friends and family, prepare yourself for a month of over flash of colors, music, and chatter.

My favorite part of wedding preps is the décor. I have always had a thing for wedding decorations and stage being the most attention grabbing of all demands the most creativity and time. The stage is one part of the wedding that’s going to stay alive in photographs long after the wedding is over. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the stage right, pick colors that accent the bride and groom’s dresses, arrange flowers so that they don’t haphazardly start coming off in the middle of the night, etc. Here are 6 stunning stage décor ideas you must check out if you are planning on livening up a desi wedding.

The Marigold Wreath

The Marigold Wreath - pakistan photography studios

Mehndis are incomplete with marigolds. The distinct orange-yellow color and its pleasant smell have become almost exclusive to mehndi nights. Take that love for marigold a step further and make the mehndi stage entirely out of them.

You can easily get the solid base on which the marigolds are set. Glue fresh flowers all over the solid base until something resembling a marigold wreath takes shape. Once the wreath has been prepared, it’s time to curtain the rear, left, and right sides with marigold garlands. Add a delicate two-seater sofa and you have a beautiful mehndi stage awaiting its bride and groom.

The dance floor in front of the stage is hard to miss. The multi-colors glow is giving the whole set a retro feel and certainly adding more life to the whole place.

The White Wedding


White is a go-to when it comes to baraats and walimas. Elegance, delicacy, and a soft finesse are a given when white gets involved in desi weddings. With a stage set so fancifully in whites, browns, and off-whites, the bride and groom are sure to stand out really well in contrast.

The lights in this arrangement are playing a wonderful role in giving the place a heavenly touch. The lights are flowers are just appropriately done, neither too much, nor too little. If the ladies of the close family can agree to wear white for the day, a bride clad in red lehnga can be beautifully accented sitting on that stage.

The Fluorescent Stage   


This exquisitely fluorescent stage will look straight out of a Bollywood movie when the bride and groom come to adorn it even further. The aesthetics and color tones on this one are just mind blowing.

The panels in the back can be a creative addition to your opulent walima night. Come to think of it; as you and your better half make your way to the dance floor, the lights in the hall dim out and the fluorescents in the tiles come to life. You walk slowly to the highly accented white sofa, passing big smiles to the guests on the way and head on to take your seat under the limelight, only to be welcomed by the flash of cameras. How truly mesmerizing a night can this stage make for you!

Under the Gold Ceiling


It is probably the gold ceiling/canopy that is giving this stage the touch of grand, luxurious Mughal weddings. It’s done simply but exquisitely creatively. And if you were of the opinion that stage is all about a wooden floor, a stylish sofa, and flowers stacked around it, this gorgeous gold canopy is here to prove you wrong.

Stage is everything around the bride and groom that you can capture in a photograph. Therefore, paying attention to the nitty gritty details can make your special day extra special.  

The Leafy Backdrop


Who could have thought that leaves could play such an important part in stage decorations? For most of us, decorations have always revolved around flowers but aren’t you amazed at how well this stage makes use of leaves?  They give the whole set a very garden-like feel and accent the bride and groom dressed in white so well.

Also, note how luxurious the mirrors in the back make the stage look. Adding little details like these to the stage can make your memories look even more brighter and livelier in photographs.

Dance Floor Quirks

Wedding Dance Floor design in Pakistan

Wow! Is this stage not a sight to behold! I’m sure the entire guest list of your mehndi would want to have their photos taken at that gorgeous, flamboyant dance floor. The subtle addition of purple to this marigold wreath stage is a work of brilliance. In addition to that, the color tones and design on the dance floor makes the whole stage very gracefully traditional and desi.   

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