First Camera Syndrome


The ultimate frustration that comes into play when you are starting off with photography as a career or as a hobby is which camera should you buy. I remember how confusing it was for me when I had to choose between Nikon, Canon, Pentax or Samsung there is just so much that you can never really understand which one is best for you.

On A Low Budget


Being on a low budget can be very depressing when you want to buy a DSLR that shoots images like a pro. Most of the times we are not willing to spend so much money on our first camera because we are so confused about the kind of experience we will have. I remember saving pennies for over a year to buy my first Canon 1100D that was on sale. At the same time, I was worried will the camera perform according my expectations. Will the images turn out to be as amazing as I see on the internet, the thing to learn is that there is never really a perfect budget to buy your first camera. All you need to do is go out get that camera maybe any Canon or Nikon or whatever other brand maybe and start shooting. Slowly you will evolve and you will work your way up till the pro level. By that time you develop amazing skills in photographing and you will have enough knowledge to understand DSLR and photography in general.

The bigger the better


At times what people think is that the bigger the camera or lens is going to be the better the picture quality is going to come out. Well for that reason the first thing you need to understand is either you take the pictures from your camera or your camera takes the pictures for you. It is a false assumption that only expensive cameras can take good photographs. Photography is art it needs to be understood as such. You can’t Price a painting according to the value of Paint brushes used. You simply perceive its visual value and determine if the picture appeals your aesthetic sense or not.

The Leap Of Faith


Choosing the right brand can be very confusing considering there are literally hundreds of camera brands in the market. But what I understood from my experience. There is no such thing as the perfect camera or the perfect lens. Every camera has its own unique features that ranks it above the other camera’s. But choosing which Brand you will be loyal too can be a difficult task. Often we try to compare the camera brands in terms of Price. Buying a Nikon or canon is not going to create a huge difference, both the cameras preform really well in terms of picture and video quality. What you need to search for before buying you first camera is which brand suits your need and feels better in the hands. What inspired me to be a loyal canon user was I always liked the over all feeling of Canon. I have to admit the name is kind of catchy too.

Shooting Like A Pro


Photography is an inspiring hobby and can be a very overwhelming profession too but reaching that pro level can be a very frustrating journey, often our pictures don’t quite end up looking the way we want them to look. Which can be disappointing specially when you come back home from a long day of shooting and you end up not liking a single photograph from a collection of 1000. Which is completely normal I remember taking at least a million bad photos till they started making sense to me.

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