You have the photographer and venue booked, your dress picked out, flowers and cake chosen, now all you need is a makeup artist. Often times, booking a makeup artist is the last thought on bride’s mind. However, if you seriously think about it, all the items fade with time, but your wedding photos you will have forever. Therefore, it is imperative that you look radiant on your special day. The crowning glory in achieving that glowing and radiant bridal beauty is finding the perfect makeup artist, who will wave their magic palette, comb and brush and make the bride feel like a true beauty queen that she is. But how do you find that perfect artist?

As a professional photographer, I work almost exclusively with brides. Over the years, I have had so many brides tell me that they feel a lot of pressure to look the best they have ever looked on their big day. I often hear an obvious lack of knowledge about what they should be discussing with their makeup artist and I feel like they have no idea what questions to ask or what answers they ought to be getting.


Just as you would approach a potential venue with a handful of questions in mind, the same goes for finding a professional makeup artist for your wedding. Before singing on the dotted line, you will want to make sure that all of your needs, from the trial run to the day-of, will be covered. Never fear, we have a 5 step plan that will aide you in making perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your wedding day!!

Question # 1: Does she have a portfolio showcasing her work?

A good artist will have a variety of different looks in their portfolio, it will give you a glimpse into the style and capabilities of the artist. This is a good indication of artist’s level of dedication and professionalism to her career. However, if the artist has no photogenic proof of their work, run!


Question # 2: Does the makeup artist agree to have a test run before the actual big day?

Your makeup artist should absolutely agree to a trial appointment before your wedding. A bridal trial allows you to book one-on-one time with the artist to discuss in detail the bridal look you want for your wedding day, as well as a chance to see artist’s capabilities and skills in action since they actually be doing full look on you at the trial.


Question # 3 : Does she uses a branded cosmetics?

It is bound to be a long and emotional day, tears may make your mascara run. There will be lots of talking, eating, kissing and drinking on your day, so regular lipstick will fade too quickly. Your makeup needs to be well-primed and long lasting. Yet, it is better to confirm the brand he or she uses. If you are allergic to a particular product, you can ask your makeup artist to provide you with alternatives.
Make sure you have the products your makeup artist has used, so that you can reapply it throughout the day because there is no point having your makeup done professionally if it’s going to dissolve after a couple of hours.

Question # 4 : Does she have any other commitment on your wedding day ?

Tired, stressed out and overworked are not the words you would like to use to describe your makeup artist on your wedding day. This is often an overlooked, yet very crucial question to ask before booking. It is absolutely fine for your makeup artist to have other commitments on your wedding day, but it is a good idea to have a sense of their schedules to ensure that they have enough time to complete your makeover. You also want to ensure you won’t be the third party bride she has worked for that day and arriving at your venue with dirty equipment and physically tired.


Question # 5 : Would it be advisable to call any of her reference?

If you have got a good people instincts, you may choose to trust your judgement alone in order to save time reading reviews and making additional phone calls. But testimonials are a great ways to see what the past and current clients think of the artist’s work and what their overall experience with the artist is/was.


I hope these 5 questions will help to ensure that you nab a great makeup artist who will be able to help enhance your natural beauty for your wedding day. After all there are so many things you have to think and worry about on your wedding day, with an experienced and professional makeup artist on hand your makeup should not be one of those things!

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