Only a few outdoor locations are worthy of capturing the priceless emotive atmosphere and on an event like a wedding, nearly everyone wishes to get such locations booked as soon as possible. Islamabad, being a modern city of Pakistan, holds more than the lively hills and the fresh ambiance. It is known for its classy hotels, marquees, and jaw-dropping man-preserved natural locations. The famous Saidpur village, for its immense beauty and ambiance, has gained a lot of popularity among the natives and visitors of Islamabad.

Whether you pick these locations for your wedding reception or not, once you have seen them, they’ll definitely go down your wedding shoot location list. For all those who live in Islamabad, we have chosen the three best locations for the wedding shoot, both in terms of ambiance and the incredible décor.  

3 top locations you wouldn’t miss for your wedding shoot in Islamabad:

All the locations mentioned below are a perfect example of the super creative themes, luxurious décor and intimate environment. Get ready as you are about to see some really fascinating styles and places.

1. Des Pardes- Saidpur village:

This place is located at the base of the Margalla hills and is an exquisite sample of the Mughal era villages. The way it is designed opens several opportunities for the photographer to showcase his expertise in the field of wedding photography. Not only is this place good for the wedding shoots but it also brings out the sensational emotions of the wedding couple on the surface, making the moment even more precious for them.

The pictures below are a simple illustration of the magical moments that you can capture at Des Pardes.

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The artificially paved floor and the village gate behind gives a great scenic view where the couple can get their wedding photoshoot. From the beautiful attire to the amazing natural view, everything can be captured through the lens.

The days are bright and shiny here with the lush green trees which enhance the beauty of the place. This Mughal style village offers many huts and temples which can be used as a background for the shoot. Nonetheless, the scenic beauty of the place and the happy couple makes a view worth spending money for.


Being innovative is the new biggie! Why not try something different? This fancy-decorated stall at des pardes opens multiple options for the photographer to capture the perfect scene.  

2. Lok Virsa – a cultural heritage museum:

Although this place is more of a museum than an outdoor wedding reception location but the views that its offers are simply jaw-dropping. Anyone who is a fine arts fan can trace back his or her soul to this place quite conveniently. In the heart of the rich culture, you can find joy at your wedding day.


Unlike the routine, causal background of fancy places or the wedding stage, Lok Virsa brings a new set of background for the lens screen. They are heavily decorated with the handmade artifacts. The diversity of colors painted on these artifacts brings both, life and brightness to the view.

img_2273-1 img_2145-1

Nature is all about sand, flowers, trees and the bright blue sky. Outdoor photography in itself is the liveliest one and at a location like Lok Virsa, the fun is simply never ending. The blurred background effect at different spots at this location and focus at your expression and wedding attire will simply melt your heart away. It is that good!

3. Golra station:


This place is known to be centuries old and is now preserved for visits and sightseeing. Wedding shoot at this location is something people look forward to. Its popularity is because of the vintage style theme that it offers. The benches with vintage pole lamps, brick walls, windows and the distant view of the railway track are not only different but at top of the list of the recent vintage style wedding trends these days.

Why not experiment something full of fun? While wedding gives you a lot of new things to experience, you can go to golra station for this epic wedding shoot pose. The shining sun, grass and the view of the train make this scene really captivating.

This is another photo from the golra station wedding shoot. The shining lamp post, brick floor and the distant side view of the tracks brilliantly display the serenity of the scene and makes the wedding shoot pose even more fascinating.


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