They say that every person has a favorite pose they feel they look good in, while there are that believe that natural is always the way to go. This is basically what defines the two types of photography styles opted for by the people; traditional and candid.

While the traditional photos are posed and everyone knows they have to look their best until that picture is taken it’s not the best of ways to show the real feel of the environment. There are some points that would make understating the both styles of photography more easier and after this you will be able to see which style will be better suited for you in your event.

  • Candid photos make the person and the image more alive because they’re taken when the subject is unaware of the photo being taken; it’s that perfect shot where you had laughed at a friend’s joke and turned to look at the other friend with the hint of the laugh still on your face. It shows the real beauty of a person rather than the posed beauty that traditional photos offer.
  • Not everyone looks perfect all the time and especially when it’s more than a few people in a shot! It’s very unlikely that all of them looked good at a synced moment when the picture was taken. Sometimes it’s much easier to pose a shot rather than keep clicking waiting for a synced moment.
  • Traditional photography relies a lot on the visibility and the direction of the photographer since it’s all in their hand how the show would look like, if you like knowing when and where the photos are being taken, this is for you.


  • Candid photography relies mostly on the mystery of how and when the photo was taken; the photographer positions themselves in a way and focuses on the subject that the person has no idea of being photographed.


  • Candid photography relies a lot on luck and acting on the right moment because if the moment goes by it won’t come back again.


  • The traditional style of photography style has the liberty to ask for redos.


  • It can easily be argued that the group shots are better taken in a traditional way where the photographer places everyone and tells them all to smile and look straight whereas the exact same picture taken candidly must show the real liveliness of the same people; it might not be farmable or it might not be the most harmonious but this will be the shot that you look and smile at, years later.  img_0125-editDuring an event it could be really hard to opt for one style; it’s the mixture of the two that makes the whole coverage great, some posed and some natural; it gathers the whole feel of the environment and saves it onto paper for eternities to come.

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